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Instituted Acolytes

“The acolyte is instituted for service at the altar and to assist the Priest and Deacon. It is his place principally to prepare the altar and the sacred vessels and, if necessary, to distribute the Eucharist to the faithful as an extraordinary minister” (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, no. 98).

Contact:Parish Office

Altar Servers

All boys and girls who have received their 1st Holy Communion are encouraged to serve the priest at the altar. Training is provided. Promptness, reverence, and attention are requisites

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Kevin Eldrige – 541-720-1335

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Hugo Cartagena – 509-619-4996
Alicia Rodriquez – 509-212-0962

Choir/Music Ministry

St. Augustine believed that those who sing pray twice. We have found that those who share their gift of music receive, in return, too many blessings to count! The adult choir rehearses weekly for two hours and sings at the 9:00 a.m. Mass on Sundays. Additionally, the adult choir sings for holidays and feast days. Several other ensembles sing at various Masses. New voices are always welcome. Formal voice training or the ability to read music is not required. If you are interested, we invite you to join us and bring your love for singing praises to God! We also need instrumentalists, particularly those who play the flute, violin, or horn, for many liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

Contact: Susan Miller 509-943-8538


Men and women with strong, easy-to-understand speaking voices are invited to serve as Lectors at Mass. If you have a great desire to proclaim God’s Word and are interested in this spiritually rewarding activity, contact the Parish Office.

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Ken Marsh – 509-396-9318

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Maria Rodriquez – 509-551-3475

Ministry to the Home Bound & Sick

Distributing the Precious Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is the most sacred way of participating at Mass. Communion ministers function as servants to the Body of Christ, God’s people. The primary focus of their ministry is to serve our parish with fidelity, reverence and love.

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Ken Marsh – 509-396-9318

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Bertha Martinez – 509-820-5333

Perpetual Adoration

Perpetual Adoration means the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and Jesus is present to love us and receive our love every hour, every day, 365 days a year. It is a graced commitment to share 168 hours each week with fellow parishioners (and neighbors) in constant vigil before the Blessed Sacrament. It is a time of great spiritual growth for others and us. We ask participants to commit to an hour at a specific time each week. Your faithful adherence to this commitment is a precious expression of faith and a demonstration that you love and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It is a special time of grace.


En Español: Faviola Radillo

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Carol LeCompte – 509-582-5011

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Fabiola – 509-308-3136

Prayer Chain

The purpose of the prayer chain is to offer anyone asking for prayer, the promise and commitment that their concerns will be lifted up to God in prayer by the prayer chain members.

Prayer Group

Meet Thursday 6:00pm Holy Hour in the small church
Contact: Rosa Sanchez 509 551 5270


The sacristan is a lay person who “diligently arranges the liturgical books, the vestments, and other things that are necessary for the celebration of Mass”(GIRM, no. 105a). Working from the sacristy, he or she should be well-trained in the complexities of the liturgical actions, as well as those of special Masses or those of greater solemnity, so as to make appropriate provision.


This organization of parish members provides the ushering service at the celebration of Mass and other ceremonies. Their main task is to welcome all as they come to celebrate and to see to their needs. Other duties include taking up the collection, inviting a family to present the offertory gifts, maintaining a Mass count and making sure the church is in proper order after Mass.

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Joe Gallegos – 509-783-7644

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Efrain Madrigal – 509-551-6559

Youth Ministry

Motivated by the call to service, our Parish Community seeks to meet the spiritual, educational, athletic, and social needs of our youth in a spirit of Christian witness. We feel that youth ministry is a Parish responsibility and with the aid of many members and supporting organizations, we strive to meet these needs.

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Tania Castellanos – 509-713-5194

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Nancy Trinidad – 509-302-3244